Search Engine Optimization Guide

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization means the process of ranking the websites on the top level in the search engines by using the key words which are related to the purpose or the content of websites.

Today amongst the search engines google is on the top it means that optimizing the website on the top list of Google search engine is SEO.

SEO guide

There are a lot of resources and techniques to become an SEO expert, these don’t need special certificates or degrees, it’s all about your passion for learning and exploring the techniques and digging inside the websites.

Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Keywords Research:

Well, the topic itself says that to research the key words and sort out the key words in a form.

SEO keyword research

In keyword research, you just must play with your mind and with your words and make combinations with the words to attain the results you want.

In other words, find the good by using Google Analytics for “seed keywords”. By looking at these words you will be able to find that what kind of words users use to find a relevant website.

There may be millions of words be smart enough to choose the common ones. Here are some best keyword research tools Google keyword planner, Bing keyword Research Tool, Word Tracker Keyword Suggestion Tool and Moz pro.

Study and play with these tools to learn more.

Analyze the Competitors:

It’s so easy whenever we are in a competition we try our best to use any feasible way to compete. The same goes for for the SEO.

Check and analyze the website of your key competitors and analyze the words.

Dig deep and think about key terms, dig out their weaknesses and make those weaknesses your potentials.

Try to capitalize all those terms which are their weak points make them your great terms.

Site Analysis:

There are two types of SEO analysis. On site analysis and off site site analysis.

On site analysis means everything is under your control where you can optimize page titles, pictures, meta data and site maps. Whereas off site analysis means you can’t control anything.

You can only analyze onsite SEO this can lead to better optimization results. Here are few references to help you with onsite optimization WebConfs 15Minute SEO Check, SEO Workers Site Analysis, Moz Seo Tools. Or you can engage search engine optimization company to assist you.

Link Building:

The more links you get from different and quality sites having same or relevant contents, the more the rankings will improve.

There are a lot of keys to get links, it is recommended that use white hat SEO services.

There is a lot of content to get an idea about link building and try to utilize these on your website or someone else.

To become a successful Singapore SEO expert, you must be very familiar with the mentioned techniques above.

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